WATCH MEN…Please Read This Before Paying to Go See Watchmen!

9 Mar


Zack Snyder’s version of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ popular graphic novel, “Watchmen,” is so OFF that he won’t even see it because he is so caught up into himself as a filmmaker!

This past weekend I was dragged to go see Watchmen, which was a total mess!  The film is so pretentious and ponderous (nearly three hours of tedium!) that it fails miserably in every category, as it’s bloated ideas are never fully realized.  Zack Snider’s self indulgence can be seen throughout the film from the music–which had nothing to do with the film–to the sexual sequences that heavily focused on men’s butts, and a naked Dr. Manhattan who ran around bouncing his genitals without any restriction.

The film was very preachy with its historical references and very violent to the extreme at times.  The only relief in the movie came from Jackie Earle Haley, who brilliantly played Rorschach as Walter Kovacs.  Haley’s performance as the masked vigilante stole the show and the scene in jail was the only reason why I decided to stick around until the final conclusion of this tedious film!

Jackie Earle Haley

Jackie Earle Haley

Haley’s astonishing performance was the only character with full development and pay off…perhaps this movie should have been called: Watch Rorschach!

Haley’s performance is the saving grace to this film and the only reason why I was inclined to write a brief review on it!


Rating D-


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