SIN NOMBRE tells the trials and tribulations of Immigrant Life, which has NO NAME to describe!

12 Apr

Sin Nombre
2009 recipient of Best Directing Award at the Sundance Film Festival, Sin Nombre is a brutal and honest picture that portrays what many Latin American immigrants must go through to make it to El Norte, searching for a better life and re-unification with their familes.
Californa Bay Area Cary Fukunaga manages to bring us a vivid portrait of the lives of many Central American immigrants and infuses a frustratingly painful culture of violence that exists in border towns of Central America and Mexico and the lives that it claims of its path. The “Mara Salvatrucha” linked gangs is just an example of the type of life some of these immigrants are trying to escape from, as well as their country’s economic decay and internal violence, most of which is a residue of their pre-existing internal wars and life in poverty.
Newcomer’s Edgar Flores portrayal of a gang member living in the southern Guatemalan/Mexican border of Tapachula is one of rare beauty, as he manages to be hard with his piercing sad eyes and body covered with scars, but still showing some hope when following his heart. Similarly, Paulina Gaitan’s performance is one of true hope and innocence that brings some much needed balance to the raw images of brutality and poverty in Fukunaga’s realistic cinematic portrait.
Sin Nombre
Genre: Drama
MPAA rating: R for violence, language and sexual content
Running time: 01:36
Release date: 2009
Rating: ***
Cast:Tenoch Huerta Mejía; Edgar Flores; Héctor Jiménez; Kristyan Ferrer; Paulina Gaitan; Diana García; Guillermo Villegas; Damayanti Quintanar
Directed by:Cary Joji Fukunaga

For more on this well made film go here:


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