11 Jun

3542206004_8e1999967cThis Summer has been a very lackluster one for movies, take films like the new “Terminator” or “Angels & Demons” as a couple of examples of films that disappointed the audiences, critics and Hollywood studio executives.  BUT, there is some hope, as Animated Films seem to be taking over Hollywood in popularity and success.  One of those films is “UP”, which is this year’s “Wall-E”!

disney-pixar-up-movie-poster-2“UP” is the story of a young adventure spirited girl named Ellie and a boy named: Carl.  They both dream of going to a Lost Land in South America, but Ellie never gets to make that dream true together, but Carl manages to make it finally happen in her honor. Carl’s determination and believing in such a place–Lost Land--makes makes this dream possible, by making his beautiful house fly away with the help of a thousand balloons.  However, he gets a surprise on aboard, an 8 year old boy named Russell, who is trying to get an assisting the elderly badge, which he fully earns by the end of this story.  Together, they embark in an adventure, where they encounter talking dogs, an evil villain and a rare bird named Kevin!  The characters: Kevin, the main dog and their funny voices and Russell are a simply a joy!

Movie-PosterP-up-5260571-342-500Like “Wall-E”, “UP“, is a collaboration of Pixar and Disney, and as expected, it is touching, funny, moving, thrilling and a pleasure to watch!  The characters are very human and the story is universal, about the power of love, dreaming and believing and determination, and all the trials and tribulations of life.  But, it’s all done in a very entertaining and curious adventourous approach!
And what I love the most about Pixar is their cleverly and brilliantly executed animated shorts leading into the feature film; they are always a pleasure to watch.

This is a as a great family affair film, so take mom, dad, kids, grandparents…to see this great visual treat this Summer!

You will be entertained, delighted and moved, guaranteed!!!

For something “UP” is the best rated film to-date on Rotten Tomatoes with an impressive 98% rating, so this is a must SEE!



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