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Jeremy Renner and The Hurt Locker!

27 Jul

Official Poster

Official Poster

The Hurt Locker, winner of the 2008 Venice Film Festival SIGNIS Grand Prize, is a riveting and suspenseful portrait of the elite members of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) squad, soldiers who volunteer to challenge the odds and save lives in one of the worlds most dangerous jobs.

It’s another Iraq war movie, with danger, tension, explosions, but unlike many Hollywood big budgets like The Kingdom and others this film is directed more meticulously and its enhanced with great performances; including the bravura performance of Jeremy Renner, which I hope it’s remembered come award season.

hurt_locker_teaserJeremy Renner first made an big impression on me when he played Jeffrey Dahmer in the film Dahmer, several years ago.  In this film, which portrays a war torn Iraq, Renner plays a bomb defusing technician whose job is so intense that every time he performs his duty of defusing bombs with maximum caution kept me and many in the theater biting our nails.  Ironically, Renner’s character is so cool, that he doesn’t really cares much about the dangers of every assignment and sees it as an adrenaline ride.

Kathryn Bigelow, the director of the film does a good job in presenting a grim portrait of Iraq, that includes: Iraqi people feeling uneasy about the US occupation and always keeping a suspicious eye on them, the role of the American solders trying to keep order and safety, bringing a bit of awareness of the insanity of these soldiers’ situation in this war more successfully than her big Big Hollywood peers.  Bigelow’s directorial style makes the film more vivid and realistic, as she uses a hand-held camera which follows the soldiers every move, adding tension to almost every scene and capturing unique moments of human behavior–as in the scene in the desert when they are snipping our the enemy.  The explosion scenes are a prime example of the realistic approach that the was going for, as she mentioned in a NPR interview recently.

3599870887_f563445891This film is quite good, but the star making performance of Renner is even better!  Renner’s squad is comprised of Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty, who pass as very realistic soldiers based on their great acting abilities and their looks.  In addition to Renner there are also some other familiar faces that make unique cameos throughout the film, which include: Guy Pearce, David Morse and Ralph Fiennes, all of whom–despite of how small their parts may be–provide with great support to the main characters, as they make you forget that these men are all actors.

The Hurt Locker is a very well made film and a pretty good effort coming from Summit Entertainment, who has been managing to come up with creative and artistic little films like this, as well as big successful hits like Twilight.  So, I recommend this film for film fans to go see, as there isn’t much out there worth the time these days!

MPAA Rating: Rated  R – violence and pervasive language
Release Date: 7/10/09
Running Time: 131 minutes
Director:  Kathryn Bigelow
Studio: Summit Entertainment