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Dinner and a Movie = A Classic Combination

7 Oct

When you think of dinner and a movie you may think of going out to dinner and then rushing to the theater to catch your favorite flick, right?

background_cinemalocationsWell, Village Roadshow–an Australian media company with interests in cinematheme parks, film production and distribution–is now introducing a new concept to the States that will make you look at the good old dinner and a movie idea as a true experience!  The Australian media company is calling their venture “Gold Class Cinemas”, which aims to deliver ‘first and gold class’ treatment to its clientele.

I first learned about this new chain when strolling around Old Pasadena and saw their sign and mark key reading coming soon.  And then earlier this week, there was an article on the local newspaper about the official new theater experience coming to town.  I agree with the Pasadena Star News about this potentially becoming the “next big thing in Old Pasadena”, as it has been sometime now since the One Colorado Laemmle Theaters left the district and a new concept like this was desperately needed!

‘Gold Class Cinemas will be taking over the old Laemmle art house spot in the One Colorado structure and it’s scheduled to be completed in time for Christmas and should certainly boost business sales to the district this holiday season.

26011733EThe six-screen luxury theater experience will be the first of its kind in Southern California and part of the Australian-based company’s roll out plan that includes existing sites in Washington State, Texas and Illinois.  Each screen will have a smaller number of seats to make the experience a bit more intimate and overall integrity in line with their luxury approach.

This is already a hugely popular concept in Australia and I think it should do well here in the States, but will it be popular among restaurants–which are many over 100 in Old Pasadena alone–and ultimately the consumer’s pockets?

Well, it provides with a convenient approach by having everything in one place…a server serving you, sipping a nice wine or glass of champagne in a reclining chair accompanied with your loved one, sounds good, doesn’t it?

It’s certainly a small luxurious approach to the experience of going out, especially when you add a blanket and a pillow to an already comfortable leather chair, at a prize tag of between $25 – $35 a pop–this does not include tax or tip.  It’s not so bad I think…It’s completely reasonable.  I am ready to impress my loved one with a special date…can I bring my own rare wine?

One think that I would be concerned is the noise level and the distraction factor when having people mingle, eating and servers running around with food…should be interesting to see how this plays out.

For more details visit “Gold Class Cinemas”